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A 2022 survey said the top 3 issues for Irish young people are climate change, equality and mental health and well-being. These issues are represented by the Sustainable Development Goals or the SDGs. The Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative has created this public exhibition in order to outline how the Sustainable Development Goals relate to the most pressing issues of young people and the public alike. The SDGs were devised to help us achieve a better future for everyone around the world and range from fighting inequalities to the urgency of climate change. This makes them particularly important for young people. If we are able to achieve the SDGs or even get close, that means a brighter future for everyone.
Call in to the Central Library, Lady Lane and check out “The SDGs and You” 5th December – 20th January. More information can be found at sliwaterford.ie or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @WaterfordSli.