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Life on Earth is unique

Earth remains the only place in the universe known to harbour life. Our future depends on how well we take care of this planet, that welcomed us millions of years ago. We need to do a better job on it.

People & Planet is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the DEAR Programme. It involves 17 organisations (local authorities and CSOs) from 8 EU member states and Cape Verde, that want to help to better care of our planet.

What do we want?

To engage and mobilize Young European Citizens, from 15 to 35 years, in the fight against Climate Change. We want to give young people opportunities to enhance their voice and agency as game changers by becoming involved in the decisions made for our collective future. We will act at a glocal level (local+global) and work with local authorities to better face Climate Change challenges and promote sustainable behaviours and low-carbon lifestyles.

Climate Change is of immense importance, as it is at the centre of sustainable development. It requires an initiative to fight it that is global, regional, national, and local. With the UN Sustainable Development Goals as one of the most recent global backgrounds, all countries are called to rapidly protect the global environment from further decline. As global citizens, we must ensure that all communities are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change. How efforts progress will define the level of impact on People & the Planet, in addition to Prosperity, Peace and Partnerships.

We will act
at a glocal level”

Join us!

Check what the People & Planet project is doing in your country through the specific pages and contact the implementing partners to learn more.

How will we do it?

We will promote inclusive sustainable lifestyle patterns of Young Citizens through a three-pronged approach.

Water of the Future: a pan-European campaign

The predictions are not encouraging. Water will be scarce at an alarming rate, and this should be understood as a global problem by all. The Water of the Future campaign will use the #WeAreNotCamels message and video to bring the reality of water scarcity closer to Young European Citizens, helping to change people’s consciences and, above all, behaviours: this is a very serious problem, and we can all do our part to help reduce the impact of the mistakes of the past, avoiding a catastrophic outcome in a not-too-distant future.

Water will
be scarce at an
alarming rate”
What can you do?

Reflection and Action: Activating global citizenship

One of the main objectives of the project is to help Youth citizens to reinforce their activism, providing opportunities for them to discuss and have a more active role in building policies and measures that help tackle Climate Change and promote more sustainable behaviours. This will be done through a variety of initiatives that strengthen Youth voice towards this global objective: including, among others, Street Actions, Sustainable Events, Global Green Labs, and Youth Advisory Climate Councils.

Also, through a video challenge, we will ask Young Citizens to tell us how they are involved in promoting these and participate in this global effort to create a more sustainable future.

Learn more about these actions in each country page below.

Reinforcing partnerships for the fight against Climate Change

Tackling Climate Change requires conscious and informed efforts by individuals, but also concerted coordinated Government action. The project aims to improve practices of Local Authorities, allowing for active engagement of youth in the policy-making process and aiming at the localisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. This will be done through capacity-building, multi-stakeholders’ partnerships and identification of good practices.

People & Planet

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People & Planet


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