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To reach climate change targets, the government, businesses, and civil society organisations entered into a Climate Agreement in 2019. By 2020, GHG emissions in The Netherlands had decreased by over a quarter compared to 1990. In the 2021 Coalition Agreement, the Netherlands, like the EU, aimed for at least a 55 per cent reduction of GHG emissions.

Before the Paris Climate Summit in 2015, three youth organisations coordinated the very first Young Climate Summit and wrote a manifesto under the joint name of the 'Young Climate Movement'. More than 30 youth organisations rapidly signed this manifesto, not only by youth organisations active in the field of sustainability and environment but also by trade unions, political youth organisations, educational parties, and student clubs.

On a local level in municipalities, there are all kinds of youth participation as "Youth mayor", "Youth Advisory Council" as well as in school there are "Green Teams of students".


Maastricht Municipality

National Town-Twinning Council Netherlands – Nicaragua, LBSNN

Zoetermeer Municipality



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