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Ireland's GHG emissions per person are the second highest in Europe. Ireland is now operating under the 2021 Climate Action Plan, which promises to reach net zero carbon by 2050, and even though the European Environmental Agency predicts that the country will not meet its GHG targets unless it takes drastic actions.

The Climate Assembly Eire for young people has issued a set of demands of the Irish Government, including youth engagement, education for political representatives, stopping pollution, just transition, and biodiversity protection.

In December 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ireland published their ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind’ report with Yale University’s Program on Climate Change Communications. The report shows 90% of Irish people believe citizens, the government, and businesses should be doing more to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The Waterford Sustainable Living Initiative, better known as SLí, is a global citizenship education provider that provides a range of education and awareness raising programmes to schools, youth groups and community organisations to raise the profile of sustainability within our community. All of our work takes place within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals especially Goal 11 (Responsible Consumption), Goal 12 (Sustainable Living) and Goal 13 (Climate Action). SLí’s vision is of a global community working together to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for all.





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