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"Hear Us! A Panel Discussion Between Waterford’s Youth Advisory Climate Council and Local Decision Makers” was held in St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre on Monday May 23rd 2022.

The YACC, made up of passionate climate activists aged 16-35, put their pressing questions to the decision makers of Waterford. They then opened it up to questions from the large eager audience made up of young people and public alike for their burning questions. The panellists were made up of the Mayor of Waterford, various party councillors and members of the council climate action department.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the people of Waterford to interact meaningfully with decision makers and develop a great relationship to work towards a more sustainable, climate conscious and greener Waterford. The questions were wonderful and the everybody really enjoyed the insight and answers from the panellists. This conversation marks a very important milestone for Waterford's young people as the city prepares to make changes to suit the changing climate. The event was organised to ensure that the voices of young people in Waterford will be an integral part of those decisions.